Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Being a Good Girl can be Bad for Girls

I loved Tolman's article on female sexuality. I think that it is far beyond stupid how critically girls and women are judged based on their sex lives, or what people perceive as their sex lives. I once heard, "90% of women masturbate, 10% are liars". Pretty funny if you ask me. I think that a woman's sexuality depends greatly about how their parents raised them, and how their education has taught them. My mom always said "if you can't please yourself, no one else will". I always thought she was crazy until I took women's studies courses. Why are so many girls afraid to have a real orgasm? You're already naked in front of your partner! I don't think guys are to be blamed for this however. Most guys want to give their parter an orgasm. Who would want to be selfish? It makes people feel good to know that they can please their partner, and if the girl fakes that, I think it would devastate the guy. Guys are no more sex crazed than girls, girls are just taught to hide it. In school, I was only taught the scientific names like the uterus, scrotum, whatever. I was also taught how to put a condom on a banana. How will this ever help me!? I've always been interested in both genders, and that was confusing enough growing up. Why aren't we taught about the LGBT community in school? It makes everyone who's not in the heterosexual box feel awkward and abnormal. Plus, a penis does not even resemble a banana. Isabel's story about the possibility of being asexual made me kind of sad. I feel like teenagers feel such a pressure to lose their virginity before they graduate high school. If you lose it too early, you're "easy", but if you're still a virgin in college, you're "weird". Just because someone has other priorities than sex, does not mean that they might be asexual or abnormal. I used to hear in high school that certain girls were sluts. But being friends with some of these girls, I realized that most of them who were highly sexually active were that way because they had been sexually abused in their lives and by having sex with multiple people, it makes them feel as if they have control of their bodies again. Who are we to judge? But, people are going to judge you no matter what you do. It's your sex life, do what makes you happy.