Monday, February 15, 2010

Girls Negotiating Adolescense

What I don't understand is how someone can say that all teenagers are the same but say that all adults all different. If all teenagers are the same, then how would they ever grow to be different adults? Obviously teenagers who were raised in a high-crime area are going to act a lot different as a whole than teenagers who were raised in a first class quiet neighborhood. Teenagers who have supportive families are going to act out a lot less than teenagers who are the "black sheep" or their own family or do not have one. If not all teenagers are treated equally and raised the same, then there is no chance that they could all act the same way. Every teenager goes through different experiences, both good and bad, that shape who they become as adults. In addition, the media strongly influences how people stereotype others. Girls who grow up with wealthy parents are always girls with perfect bodies who are really stuck up and dumb. However, these stereotypes leave out reality. What about the girls who never see a dime of their parents money because their parents want to teach them how to be successful on their own? What about the girls who don't have large boobs and size 2 pants? Yet, these girls are not shown, therefore we assume that media is reality. Raby does a nice job with pointing out these flaws that are prevalent in the way society sees teenagers.
On the other hand, I thought the article had some interesting points, but I did not really like it. It was not confusing, but it was too long of an article. Too many points were being thrown at the reader, that the reader may not know where to even begin critiquing it. In addition, I find that Raby likes to take a long time to sum up the point she was trying to make.

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Samantha said...

I like alot of your points. Raby is trying to categorize all teenagers together in her article. I like your point about how it depends highly on where and whom you were raised by. I also like how you stated how some teens are stereotyped as rich snobs but what about the ones who come from a wealthy family but are not spoiled so they learn how to take care of themselves. These teens are never acknowledged and it was nice to see you make that point. Reading your point helped me have another outlook on the article.