Monday, February 1, 2010

When I was 13...

I was obsessed with boys, volleyball, and my looks. I had just started high school, and had been growing my hair out so I could look "pretty". I was extremely nervous, and thought high school would be just like how movies portray it. My friends and I had all went shopping and with my new abercrombie and fitch clothes, I thought I was so cool. A boy in his junior year had asked me to homecoming within the first week of school. I had not been more excited about something until then (we ended up dating for 3 and a half years). I knew that who I was then was not who I wanted to be or who I was inside. I hated rap music, but still listened to it because everyone else did. I was not materialistic or stuck up, I even felt bad to ask my parents for money to buy the $80 pair of jeans that were popular. I was probably the tallest girl in my school, and my social awkwardness did not help. But towards the end of high school, I learned that being shy is okay. It took me a while to learn to be my own person, and to not be the girl everyone else was. I thought high school was all about fitting in.